Project: English Teaching

Odesa, Ukraine


In June 2018, Association DETI initiated free courses of English language for children of preferential categories (large families, adopted, inclusivity). 

Classes are organised and hosted by Dream School in Odessa, Ukraine


Children attend English free classes:

• 8 groups of 10-12 children, classes 3 times a week for each group

• individual lessons or small groups (2-3 children) for children with special needs and inclusivity 


Project's purpose:

• to increase performance in school and academic achievements

• to master conversational English through plays staging, performances, quests, games and presentations


The schedule of classes is set from Monday till Friday from 9 am till 6 pm including outside of the schedule activities during holidays. We organised English playgroups with staging popular fairy tales and plays in English. Additionally, chidlren receive creative homework tasks. 


The Project has started on the 1st of June with an outdoor event organised by Dream School:

The first lessons during the summer period of 2018 with 40 children attending classes:

From the 1st of September 2018, 105 children has subscribed for the english lessons:

Watch a short compilation of lessons and creative homeworks of children:


The Project is in progress. Children are attending free English language classes every day.