Maryna Romanenko

Active Member of the Committee


Sebastian Aeschbach

Active Member of the Committee


Simon Brunschwig

Honorary Member

About us

Association DETI is created with a desire to make a difference in our world focusing on supporting Ukrainian children and adolescents to transition into adulthood. We are sensitive to the fact that there is very little support for children living without parents. Orphans in Ukraine remain therefore quite vulnerable and their prospects are often dim. Our Association DETI shall provide a structure to support projects which can have a durable, positive, impact on the lives of Ukrainian children in complicated family situation and to allow them to act independently. 


Association DETI is an independent association governed by its Statutes and by Articles 60 - 79 of the Swiss Civil Code. The aims are non-lucrative and of public interest. Its Executive Committee is independent from government authorities. It is politically independent and non-denominational.